Herb Angels - Calm - RSO + CBD Infused Shea Butter (scented) - 50ml

$99.00 each

Product Description

50ml jar – 1.5 g Full Spectrum Cannabis Concentrate & 0.5 g of CBD.

The ultimate in topical cream pain relief. Extra strength formula with 3% full spectrum cannabis oil, enhanced with 1% CBD Isolate and scented with essential oils. Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil, enhanced with 99.+% Pure CBD and our proprietary blend of essential oils, CALM shea butter healing cream is the ultimate skin care.

Good for

For relief in many symptoms including cramps, arthritis, sports injuries, head aches, muscle aches, migraines, and more. Best used for pain management. Apply to the temples for headache relief, apply to the abdominal area to help with cramps. For localized pain management.

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